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Having a web presence is no longer a luxury for institutions – it's bread and butter. It's often the first experience someone has with an organization, and as such is one of its most important public assets.

Although most museums, galleries, and cultural organizations now maintain an Internet site, we think quite a few have missed the point. Many people visit an institution’s web site for basic information such as gallery schedules, addresses, and phone numbers – and few will visit twice.

We think art and culture web sites have the potential to be so much more than a supplement to print advertising – they're an opportunity to provide significant content to past, present, and future visitors.

Most museums, for example, have over 95% of their collection in storage, where climate, light, and handling are closely monitored to preserve objects for generations to come. We think a web site is an excellent way to let in the sun – and to share collections with both researchers and the general public.

We can show you how to move your collections to the Internet safely and easily.

While we’re at it, what about exhibitions? Sure, nothing can replace the experience of viewing objects first-hand – of being in the same room with great works – but we can’t think of better way to pull people in the door than letting them get a preview from their den.

Regardless of how deeply you want to jump in, we can help build and define your online presence, quickly, and affordably.

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