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Exhibit Enhancements and Kiosks

In the past few years something truly amazing has happened. A generation of young people – with no memory of life before the personal computer – have become adults. They vote, buy cars, work on Wall Street, and visit your museum. And guess what – they’re closely followed by a group of teenagers who entered kindergarten knowing how to surf the Internet.

They’re going to want more from you than a quiet room with objects under glass.

We can help meet the needs of this next generation of museum visitors, patrons, and donors, by helping you to bring an interactive edge to your exhibitions. In the gallery, on CD and DVD, or through the web, we can help you enhance the stories you tell and make the most of the collections you protect.

Call us to learn more about visitor kiosks, virtual exhibitions, interactive video, and streaming Internet content. Let us help you take your museum to the world.

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