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Collections Management Software

Whether you're a private collector with a few hundred pieces, or a museum with holdings in the hundreds of thousands, we can develop a collections management solution to meet your needs.

Only a few years ago, automating collection management meant wading into a murky abyss of syntax strings, SQL queries, and abbreviating your thoughts to fit twenty-four character fields. Today, databases can hold almost anything you can think of – short narratives to research papers, digital images to digital video.

Listen to your archivist, and store your hard copies somewhere safe – in fact, let the archivists handle your paper records altogether; the electronic world has the potential to be so much richer, by consolidating all of your information into an interactive, interrelated system.

Perhaps more important is that managing your data – all of your data – can now be almost as easy as browsing a website. This means less training for your staff, and more access for the people who are knocking at the door. We make it easy to share your data with researchers and visitors, and make it impossible for them to see the information they shouldn't.

If you'd like, your database can be easily networked to your entire staff, can drive virtual exhibits, and be integrated into your web site, allowing your visitors to look into your collection's nooks and crannies.

Even if you've only been around a few years, chances are you've already got a system for cataloging your collection. We'll build your system to accommodate your existing data, and design the its flow to meet your needs.

It’s your collection, and we think you know best.

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