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What We Do

We provide technology services and create data management software and presentation solutions for museums, galleries, collectors, and cultural organizations – including collections management software, virtual exhibitions, gallery enhancements and kiosks, project management software, and web site development, management and hosting.

There are dozens of companies that offer these services – heck, there're probably hundreds – but few can stitch these seemingly disparate technologies together into comprehensive systems that work. Fewer, if any, are staffed by former museum administrators.

What's more, we pair this expertise with deep focus on our clients' specific needs. If you look closely at our competitors products, you'll find they're all about volume, and selling software packages designed for generic museums that don't exist – rather than creating innovative solutions to meet your needs.

Museums, galleries, and cultural organizations are as diverse as their collections and missions. Other companies profit by developing a single product or product line, and forcing organizations to adapt. We adapt by recognizing our clients' diversity and working hard to integrate it into everything we do.

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